Axel Witsel on board at Belgian aviation company LindSky

Red Devil Axel Witsel is acquiring an equity share of the Belgian aviation company LindSky Aviation. This young and ambitious company offers an integrated package of services ranging from approved pilot training courses, maintenance, aircraft sales and parking to operating private flights. After the successful first acquisition of Styl Aviation in 2015, LindSky is advancing as planned towards becoming a genuine integrated aviation company.

LindSky Aviation, whose home base is Antwerp Airport, is a young and ambitious company. With its strategy of becoming an integrated aviation company, it holds a unique position on the aviation market. In the spring of 2015 LindSky took over the Deurne-based companies I & E Aviation and STYL Aviation. The latter company, specialised in airplane maintenance, has been operating for over 30 years and is run by Rudi Beyltiens, a man with 35 years of experience in the sector. Thanks to the acquisition of STYL Aviation, LindSky today has its own maintenance workshop for piston and turbine engines, more than 5,500 m² of hangar space to park aircrafts, and there are over 350 planes from throughout Europe that are maintained there. The acquisition also immediately made the company the reference for maintaining the legendary planes from the Antwerp-based Stampe & Vertongen.

LindSky also has an authorised training centre for pilots. All flight training courses have of course been approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA, Europe’s top civil aviation safety authority). The company’s next milestone is to develop an offer of private flights.

The entrepreneurs behind LindSky are three outstanding professionals who together wish to transmit their passion for flying to their customers. CEO Gamal Khaldi is an experienced CEO who was able to integrate the Belgian technological jewel I.R.I.S. into the Japanese imaging group Canon. COO Gregory Jadin is a certified airline pilot/trainer/instructor, and Red Devil Axel Witsel, as CRO (Chief Relationship Officer), will publicly represent the company of which he is now a co-owner.

LindSky welcomed Red Devil Axel Witsel on board as an investor in December 2014. The midfielder is passionately interested in airplanes and finds it important to invest his money in Belgium: “I hope one day to be able to fly my own plane at LindSky”, says the Red Devil. "Today, naturally, my sports career still comes first, but I also want to deal with my money prudently and start financially planning well in advance for my life after football. Thanks to the clear vision and strategy of Gamal Khaldi and Gregory Jadin, LindSky has the potential to become a powerful player in the aviation sector, and I´m delighted to play a role in making that happen. I´m also proud that, thanks to my involvement in LindSky, I can help to create jobs in Belgium. Look at it as my way of giving something back to the country that offered me the chance to become a top football player.”     

CEO Gamal Khaldi: "Thanks in part to Antwerp Airport, which today is creating the necessary space for companies to grow, we’ve been able to outline an ambitious business plan for LindSky. Today, with a team of 14 professionals, we’re ready to enable our customers to safely and comfortably enjoy flying. And with Axel on board, we can together advance along LindSky’s growth path and in the long run offer private flights as well." 

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About LindSky

LindSky is a Belgian aviation company offering an integrated package of services: pilot training courses approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA - Europe’s top civil aviation safety authority), maintenance, aircraft sales and parking as well as private flights. The name LindSky refers to the American aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974), for whom the sky was the only limit. In May 1927 Lindbergh became the world’s first pilot to make a non-stop flight from New York to Paris.

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Elisah Van Den Heuvel PR Consultant, NewsEngine
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