Movilizer Days: innovative trends in the complex mobile landscape

Movilizer, Mannheim (Germany), 19-20 November 2014

Mobility reinvents business. Movilizer offers a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) with a deep SAP-integration that enables companies to meet the need of today’s mobile landscape and future business success. We have the pleasure to invite you to attend the 4th edition of the Movilizer Days on November 19 and 20 in Mannheim, Germany.

The mobility expert Movilizer will unveil new developments and features to its community, its stakeholders and the media. At the intersection of new technology and business model innovation, the Movilizer Days conference has established itself as a great networking opportunity to share the latest insights and best practices to achieve the full potential of enterprise mobility. Topics to be addressed are wearables, augmented reality, M2M communication, crowd sourcing, tracking & tracing, GIS integration and so much more.

Renown CEO’s and CIO’s - for example Richard Marshall from Gartner and Claude Pierre from GdF Suez - will attend and address the audience during the event.

What’s on the programme?

On November 19 Richard Marshal, Research Director at Gartner, will present Gartner’s view on (enterprise) mobility. Next Coca Cola Company explains how Coca-Cola North America will mobilize over 40.000 users with Movilizer. Next on the agenda is a case study of GdF Suez. Claude Pierre, GdF Suez’ CIO, will explain why and how Movilizer has been established as the company standard MEAP for projects running parallel in different countries (France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and UK). The day ends with a testimonial by John Deere and an exquisite dinner & drink at John Deere’s European headquarters in Mannheim.

On November 20 Werner Fiebig, Wholesale Manager Europe at Orica, the largest explosives and blasting service provider worldwide, will explain how the strategic alliance between Movilizer and Orica resulted in a state-of-the-art, low cost mobile cloud solution for track & trace compliance processes. In the afternoon Trevor Barret, SAP Logistics Manager at Premier Foods, will focus on the cash flow benefits Movilizer’s PoD app realized for the company.

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We invite you to register for the Movilizer Days.Please contact Valérie Fornoville via [email protected] or +32 (0)3 260 96 48 before November 7.

We hope to welcome you on November 19 and 20!

Best regards,

Jan Vermeesch

Director Business Development & Marketing, Movilizer




About Movilizer

Movilizer is a leading European Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that allows companies to reinvent their mobile business.  Movilizer allows enterprises to develop new business models and support business innovation processes by making any process available on any mobile device or platform. This via the use of standard configurable apps for SAP or new apps developed from scratch within any enterprise backend system. Movilizer offers its platform and applications as a service with enterprise-grade security, infinite scalability, zero-infrastructure requirements and fully future-proof.

Movilizer is a one of a few European companies among many US technology companies in this domain with more than 100 multi-nationals using the platform. It operates in more than 30 countries and the transactions per day are above 1.5 Million.

Movilizer has its headquarters in the Julius-Hatry-Straβe 1 in Mannheim, Germany, and employs 80 people in Germany, UK, Benelux, France, Spain and Nordics.

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